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Victor L. Henry
Updated: March 25, 2016
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Commercial Tenant Representative
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Posted On:October 28, 2012
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Victor L. Henry specializes in commercial tenant representation services. Most business owners facilitate one commercial lease transaction every three to five years – and usually wait until the last month of their office lease to start the renewal process. They negotiate against landlords, property Management professionals and commercial leasing firms who have multiple years of experience working leases day-in and day-out but do not represent the interests of the lessee. Victor uses his expertise in commercial leasing to level the playing field for business owmers.
Tenant representation services are free to the client. Fees are paid by commissions already allocated to the landlord’s agent. If the tenant does not have an agent represention, the landlord’s agent earns 100% of the commission and does not represent the tenant's interest. Furthermore, there are agents who have licenses but do not have the experience or expertise to properly represent a tenant in a commercial lease transaction. Victor does not take listings or do any residential transactions. His primary focus is to help the tenant get a better deal.