Deciding whether to finally take your big idea to the next level? Serial entrepreneur and "Shark Tank" judge Robert Herjavec thinks now is an ideal time to start a business, but there's a catch.
Herjavec weighed in on the topic on a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" thread on Tuesday.
"it's the best time in the world to start a business. Internet, connectivity, access to information. it's also the worst time to start a business—because everyone has access to the same resources," he wrote.
So how do you make right now the best time to start your business?
"I think success is all perspiration. you make your own luck," he wrote. "I've said it before but entrepreneurs are MADE not BORN."
That's coming from a man who's bootstrapped the American dream for himself.
After moving to Canada from Eastern Europe, he made his way from waiting tables and delivering newspapers to becoming a multi-million dollar business owner.
"You have to attack your life," Herjavec wrote.
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