Nicholas Cooper

Lives in Atlanta,  United States · Born on July 14 · Male
Nicholas Cooper
As a one of a kind career coach, Nick Safir knows first hand what it is like to be without a job in hard economic times. As a young man, he grew up in some of Chicago's toughest neighborhoods. He struggled with unemployment and homelessness... but by his mid-twenties, Nick Safir saw how the job system worked and realized that he could work that system for his maximum benefit.
By the age of 25, Nick Safir had masted the "art of the job interview" and realized that he could get any job he wanted by clearly outlining his goals, matching his strengths to the job requirements... then leveraging his attitude and environment for success.
Now as a successful entrepreneur & author, Nick Safir is helping others work this same system so that they can get the job of their dreams... in less than six weeks time!
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