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KROOZ, a new ride-sharing transpotation company is launced - https://mykrooz.com/
KROOZ is a peer-to-peer ride sharing transportation Network Company, a transportation social network dedicated to providing suitable, alternatively comfortable and reliable rider service via our mobile apps which allows customers with smart-phones to book a ride request from any desired location, then routed to KROOZ independent partner drivers who uses their own cars, picked up the rider and drive the rider to his or her destination. https://mykrooz.com/
KROOZ is now hiring independent partner drivers in the following 23 countries:
Australia * Austria * Belgium * Brazil * Canada * Denmark * France * Finland * Germany * Ireland * Italy * Japan *Luxembourg * Mexico * Netherlands * Norway * Portugal* Singapore * Spain * Sweden * Switzerland * United Kingdom * United States
Download KROOZ at Google Play Store:
KROOZ at Apple Store:
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